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Retired Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Harris is good for Cedar Park, on so many levels! Kevin Harris has the values and experience needed by an extraordinarily successful and effective city councilman. Having known the entire Harris family
since 1998, they truly embody the attributes of a strong loving family. Kevin’s community activities have demonstrated
that he is a concerned and involved citizen.


Kevin contributed to many boards that provided invaluable improvements to Cedar Park through new businesses.
His civic involvement in Cedar Park has stretched over 15 years. Cedar Park has grown and developed tremendously
during his time of service. He has also served on the YMCA Board, which made many top-notch improvements.
Kevin and I were work colleagues for over 17 years. He was instrumental in the completion of many crucial projects, maintaining and growing strategic relationships, and demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities. He proudly served
his country in Iraq during this time and seamlessly returned to civilian life and work. He transitioned into business
ownership, and we are proud to call him our Farmer’s Agent!

The Harris family is a fun-loving and competitive sports family. Kevin’s wife Carol joined us on our work softball team.
Our sons played on many teams together growing up. Sons, Kevin Jr., and Tyler, are outstanding young men and athletes. Kevin loves sports and coaching his sons’ teams. Kevin and Carol were dedicated members of the Vista Ridge HS Booster Club. I enjoyed serving meals to the football team with Carol, while Kevin worked with the football tunnel crew.
The Harris family loves to host fun family game nights that are both competitive and filled with fabulous food.  
Carol is an outstanding cook!

Most of all, Kevin and his family are inclusive and have a servant’s heart! Kevin has a heart for Cedar Park and would make an exemplary city councilman!

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Kevin Harris would be an excellent city councilman, in my opinion. I have known Kevin since our boys were in middle
school together - and they are all grown up now. He and I have volunteered for many things together and Kevin has always been willing to help, available to support his kids and the community, extremely competent, and very fun to work with.
The kids and parents alike all adore Kevin! Even after Kevin’s boys graduated from high school, and I was still volunteering
at the school, he continued to support the school and the community. I have developed a great admiration for Kevin and his family over the years.

In fact, we now use him for our homeowner’s insurance and our recreational vehicle insurance. Kevin worked extremely
hard to put us in the best possible situation. He covered all options, was very thorough and customer service was off the charts!

Not only do I respect Kevin Harris as a businessman, volunteer, community member, I am proud to call him a friend.



Kevin Harris - The servant leader Cedar Park needs.


I first met Kevin Harris when we moved to Cedar Park in 2000 and he volunteered to be the first Quest Village HOA president.  Kevin put a lot of energy and effort into making the neighborhood a place for the community in addition to
being fiscally responsible.  For example, he helped organize a progressive dinner through the neighborhood for people to
get to know each other.  This focus on community continued for over 20 years to today.  When Kevin was asked
“Outside of economic development, what do you think is the most pressing issue in Cedar Park?” during his interview
to fill the Place 4 vacancy. His answer was unique in that he said after COVID we needed to focus on ”the social aspect...
and to put our city in a position so that the people of our city can get reengaged with each other.”  Kevin was the only candidate that recognized we needed to consider the community and not just the economic aspects of the city.


His military and business leadership credentials show that he is more than qualified to serve as a leader on the city council. 
In addition, his many years of volunteer service on city boards and task forces demonstrate Kevin has a deep understanding
of how the city should function on behalf of its citizens. His involvement in other community organizations like the YMCA board, coaching youth sports show that Kevin is a person who cares about our Cedar Park community from a social aspect.  Last, everyone who has ever met Kevin knows he is a good, caring person.


With over 20 years of volunteer service to our community, there is a good chance that if there is something you like about living in Cedar Park, Kevin had a part in making it a reality. "



We’ve been very fortunate to call Kevin a neighbor and friend. He and Carol have been like family to us, always looking out for us and ready to offer a helping hand. Kevin loves Cedar Park. From the day we moved in Kevin was always talking about how much he loved the city and how blessed his family has been to live here. He used to also give us a hard time when we
went out to eat in Austin—“Support local business!” he’d always say! But, there’s one memory of Kevin that demonstrates how neighborly and service-minded Kevin is. Our toddler had gotten a tricycle for his 2nd birthday and was so excited to jump on it. Unfortunately, he was refusing to wear a helmet and a tantrum ensued. Kevin was about to jump in his car, but stopped what he was doing, went to the garage, put on his helmet, and came strolling over to our little guy to talk about how cool helmets are and why they’re important to wear. Our son loves “Mr. Kebin” and about half a second later stopped crying, let us put on the helmet, and was ready to go! That is Kevin Harris. The man who gives us a hard time about eating out and shopping in Austin, always encouraging us to stay local. The man who has already given hundreds of hours in service to
Cedar Park. The man who has thousands of stories to highlight how much he loves his city. We’ll be voting for Kevin
because we have complete confidence in his service and commitment to this wonderful place!



I met Kevin Harris several years ago at a Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce event. The first thing that struck me about
him was his kindness and true dedication to the city. I was amazed to learn how long and how many boards he has sat on
for the city. When the temporary seat came open for the Cedar Park City Council last winter, I encouraged him to do it!
He knows Cedar Park inside and out. He is always willing to volunteer and support multiple non-profits in the area.

I am so proud to call him a friend and this city needs individuals like Kevin Harris! He will listen, evaluate, and make sound decisions for the great citizens of Cedar Park. He will focus on important city issues and continue to make Cedar Park the best community to live in. Kevin Harris is ready to serve and I for one, am excited to see all he will accomplish.

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