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A Trusted Leader For All

Cedar Park was named a top 10 small city in America. As someone who has lived here for two decades and volunteered on several boards and committees to help shape our community,
I understand why. We’re a great city!

We’ve developed a comprehensive plan incorporating smart initiatives for economic growth, parks, recreational development, and community development. We live in a great community with a professional and experienced city staff coupled with our dedicated first responders. As the eminent population growth to Central Texas continues and with our limited resources, we need to work together to keep our community the desirable place to live, work and play for so many! I strive to pay close attention to key elements as we move forward.       

Public Safety

I support our first responders and continuing to provide them with the best training
and equipment available to do their jobs. As a military veteran, I understand the value
of training and having access to the best equipment.      

Economic Development (Jobs)

A diverse tax base contributes to our city’s overall life, work, and play mantra.
Having a diverse workforce and options for many - such as part-time jobs for high school and college students and retirees, plus, full-time options for professionals and non-professionals, helps us grow our tax base to fund public safety and amenities for
all. Having identified the few large land parcels available (Planning Area’s) and an active economic development team, I’m confident a civil and cohesive council will continue to make Cedar Park a desirable place for businesses to consider.       

Efficient and Accountable Government

Fiscal responsibility is a duty. I support efforts to diversify our tax base and to lower
the tax burden on our citizens. I also believe that civility is a duty. My leadership
serving on the city council has a higher standard of conduct. As a retired military
officer, I understand leadership and being held to a higher standard. Additionally,
I think appointments to city boards and commissions are vitally important as they
help shape our community.  

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